Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which pigment cells (melanocytes) are destroyed, resulting in irregularly shaped white patches on the skin. The picture shows how Vitiligo looks. Any part of the body may be affected. Common sites are exposed areas (face, neck, eyes, nostrils, nipples, navel, genitalia), body folds (armpits, groin), sites of injury (cuts, scrapes, burns) and around pigmented moles halo naevi). The hair may also go grey early on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and body. White hair is called ‘poliosis’. The retina may also be affected.

Sites about Vitiligo

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease in which pigment cells (melanocytes) are destroyed, resulting in irregularly shaped white patches on the skin. Any part of the body may be affected. Common sites are exposed areas (face, neck, eyes, nostrils, nipples, navel, genitalia), body folds (armpits, groin), sites of injury (cuts, scrapes, burns) and around pigmented moles (halo naevi). The hair may also go grey early on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and body. White hair is called ‘poliosis’. The retina may also be affected.

Patient Foundations

  • Vitiligosociety
    The Vitiligo Society is the only organisation which offers support and understanding to people with vitiligo and their families in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • American Vitiligo Research Foundation
    American Vitiligo Research Foundation Inc. (AVRF) provides public awareness about vitiligo through dedicated work, education and counseling. We seek to make a difference worldwide to those afflicted by the disease, focusing on children and their families. We embrace diversity and encourage acceptance.
    The AVRF encourages higher ethical standards in research, and therefore supports finding a cure through alternatives to animal testing.
  • National Vitiligo Foundation
    The National Vitiligo Foundation (NVF) is the world center for those with Vitiligo. The Foundation strived to locate, inform, and counsel Vitilgo patients and their families; to increase public awareness and concern for the Vitiligo patient; to broaden the concern for the patient within the medical community; to encourage, promote and fund increased scientific and clinical research on the cause, treatment and ultimate cure.
  • Vitiligo Support International
    This is the largest vitiligo organization in the world. A nonprofit, tax exempt organization based in Los Angeles, we have nearly 40,000 registered members, most of whom have vitiligo themselves or a family member. Access to our message boards, chat and many other features is free of charge

Cause of Vitiligo

The cause of Vitiligo is still unknown. There are many theoretical causes.

  • Candida Albicans
    Candida Albicans is a yeast organism which peacefully coexists in and with many people when it is present in modest amounts. When circumstances lead to the excessive growth of candida in the body, one can develop myriad symptoms of chronic illness. The conditions of overgrowth is called Candidiasis. Other associated disorders may be hair loss, vitiligo, malabsorption, chronic hepatitis, dental enamel dysplasia, and disorders of the thymus gland.


  • Dutch Institute for Pigmentdisorders (SNIP)
    The Netherlands Institute for Pigment Disorders is a super-specialized medical unit for diagnosis and treatment of patients with pigment problems of skin and hairs. Our frontrunner position is maintained by conducting clinical-related research, and by interacting with other experts and scientific societies.

PUVA is a combination treatment which consists of Psoralens (P) and then exposing the skin to long wave ultraviolet radiation (UVA). It has been available in its present form since 1976.
Psoralens are compounds found in many plants which make the skin temporarily sensitive to UVA. The ancient Egyptians were the first to use psoralens for the treatment of skin diseases thousands of years ago.

  • Dermnet about PUVA
  • Oxsoralen (Methoxsalen) lotion
    Methoxsalen is a naturally occurring substance found in the seeds of the Ammi majus (Umbelliferae) plant and in the roots of Heracleum Candicans. It belongs to a group of compounds known as psoralens or furocou-marins. Is used as a topical repigmenting agent in vitiligo in conjunction with controlled doses of ultraviolet A (320-400 nm) or sunlight.

UVB (narrowband UVB), TL01

UV phototherapy is widely recognised as a treatment of Vitiligo. UV is responsible for stimulating your skin to produce pigmentation, or a sun tan with minimal side effects The effectiveness of UV treatment varies for each Vitiligo sufferer.

  • Bioskin therapy
    A new and sophisticated emitting equipment of the ultraviolet B rays to 311 [nm] can eliminate the cutaneous dyschromias caused by the vitiligo. The emitted UVB rays are the most effective ones in the therapy of the vitiligo because they stimulate in an optimal way the melanocytes and are active on the immune system of the skin.

Surgical Treatment

Patients with stable vitiligo, a skin disorder characterized by patches of lighter colored, or depigmented skin, may achieve good repigmentation of these areas with skin transplants using skin taken from normally-pigmented areas of their own bodies.

  • Vitiligo operative treatment by Dr. Kahn
    The primary goal of therapy is to restore the skin’s color by restoring melanocytes in the skin. Repigmentation of the skin with melanocytes allows the skin to regain its normal immune/inflammatory functions and improves the appearance of those suffering from this disease.
  • Research to transplantation as treatment for vitiligo
    Nanny van Geel, M.D., of Ghent University Hospital, Belgium, and colleagues investigated the efficacy of using transplanted pigment cells to treat 28 patients with vitiligo.


The goal of depigmentation is to unify skin color in patients with vitiligo virtually all over the body and those who have failed PUVA, who cannot use PUVA, or who reject the PUVA option. Bleaching with monobenzylether of hydroquinone 20% cream (Benoquin) is a permanent, irreversible process.

Calcipotriol (experimental)

Calcipotriol is a medicine that is a derivative of vitamin D. When applied to the skin it works by reducing the production of skin cells. In psoriasis, the scaling and thickening of the skin and the appearance of raised plaques, are the result of excessive skin cell production in this disease. Calcipotriol reduces the excessive skin cell production and therefore helps improve the symptoms of psoriasis. Calcipotriol is available as an ointment or cream for psoriasis plaques on the body, and as a scalp solution for easier application to psoriasis on the scalp.

Medical Tattoo (expirimental)

  • Definition of Tattoos & permanent makeup
    For some, tattoos are an aesthetic choice or an initiation rite. Some choose permanent makeup as a time saver or because they have physical difficulty applying regular, temporary makeup. For others, tattooing is an adjunct to reconstructive surgery, particularly of the face or breast, to simulate natural pigmentation. People who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia (a form of hair loss) may choose to have “eyebrows” tattooed on, while people with vitiligo (a lack of pigmentation in areas of the skin) may try tattooing to help camouflage the condition.

Laser (expirimental)

  • Excimer laser therapy
    In a recent study, vitiligo patients, most of whom had failed conventional therapies, were treated with the excimer laser three times a week. Fifty-seven percent of the vitiligo patches treated in the study experienced partial to complete repigmentation in only two weeks. The Xtrac excimer laser represents one of the newest great advances in laser dermatology. This laser emits narrow band ultraviolet B light and has been shown to promote re-pigmentation in those who have lost pigment in their skin.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 (experimental)

Ayurveda from India(experimental)

  • What is Ayurveda
    What we need to do, is to try to recognize what Ayurveda is, and not ‘see’ it as just a medicine or as an art in the curing of diseases. Curing diseases is just a part of it. Broadly speaking, Ayurveda covers topics ranging from the evolution of the Universe and its basic components, (Panch Mahabhuta), the constitution of the body, the self or the Atma, and also the topics of the causes of diseases, remedies, ways to cure, and ways of attaining a state of wellbeing. Ayurveda, therefore, is not just about medicines or therapy, it is a very ancient time tested science of life, although promoting health and curing diseases is no doubt one of its main objectives. Ayurveda defines health as Swasthya to be one’s own spiritual self. It is the state of equilibrium of the three principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha along with a connected state of senses, mind and soul.

Discussion / Forum

  • Vitiligo Parents
    A forum where parents of vitiligo children can support each other and exchange information. Practitioners and other supporters are welcome.
  • Vitiligo Support Forum
    Vitiligo discussion forum for vitiligo , leucoderma sufferers from around the world.

Media and Publications

  • Amsterdam Medical Center
    Vitiligo against skin cancer (Dutch).
  • BNN about Vitiligo
    Dutch television programm about people with Vitiligo.
  • LVVP
    Protopic and vitiligo
  • Medisch Contact (Dutch)
    Hyaluron-skin paste activates pigment on vitiligo
  • Medinews (Dutch)
    White skin getting color (transplantation of skin cells mixed with hyaluronacid)
  • Successful Treatment Vitiligo with Intravenous Methylprednisolone ‘Pulse’ Therapy
    We report on the successful therapy of rapid progressive generalized vitiligo in a 24-year-old woman. After intravenous injection of 500 mg of methylprednisolone on 3 consecutive days, the disease progression was stopped and repigmentation was induced.
  • Over 70% Repigmentation Achieved In Patients With Stable Vitiligo
    A high percentage of repigmentation is achieved in patients with stable vitiligo by noncultured epidermal cell transplantation, according to both subjective and objective evaluation methods.
  • Researchers discover ‘vitiligo gene’
    March 22, 2007 – Scientists have discovered a connection between a gene and the chronic skin condition vitiligo, as well as a possible link to an array of other autoimmune diseases. They found that persons with vitiligo also have a risk of developing other autoimmune diseases, as do their close relatives, even those without the skin condition. By searching the genome, the researchers discovered that NALP1 – a gene that controls part of the immune system that serves to alert the body to viral and bacterial attacks – was a key gene involved in predisposing to vitiligo and all the other autoimmune diseases that ran in these families.


  • LuLu Wang – The Lily Theater
    The story tells of Lian, a 12-year-old girl with vitiligo who accompanies her mother, a history professor at the Teacher’s University of Beijing, to a pungent reeducation camp in 1972, the time when Cultural Revolution was at its full swing.
  • Different just like me
    As seen on Oprah Winfrey
    Our daughter, April, had been diagnosed with vitiligo when she was only eight months old. Vitiligo is a loss of pigment or color in her skin. It started as a small dime sized spot on her inner thigh and now looks like white clouds going across her entire body.
  • Emily’s vitiligo
    This book is the story of my daughter’s skin disease and how it changed the lives of our family. We have witnessed and recorded her tremendous recovery, centered around nutritional changes. Since vitiligo is seen in only one percent of the population, there is not much information available on the disease. This book has been helpful to many people with vitiligo as well as parents of children with vitiligo.


The next products are supported by the manufacturers as possible treatment against vitiligo. The reactions about these products in the various messag boards tell good andbad stories.
This site ries to inform you about the possible tratments for the disease vitiligo.

We can’t be responsible for any result or bad product. Read it and judge for your self.

  • ColorTration liquid cover makeup
    The cover makeup you have been searching for is finally here. ColorTration is the first liquid concealer makeup that can easily camouflage any skin condition. This concealer covers conditions like vitiligo, melasma, undereye circles, spider veins, rosacea, scars and birthmarks. Our concealer makeup is also the first liquid cover makeup available in pump bottles and goes on with a camouflage brush, so it it much neater to work with.
  • Coverblend (Neostrata)
    First, there was Dermablend®. Now?s there?s the CoverBlend by Exuviance line of Concealing Treatment Cosmetics formulated to conceal and correct all types of visible skin imperfections (from minor flaws to major discolorations) while providing anti-aging treatment and sunscreen protection. All CoverBlend corrective products are formulated with NeoStrata?s unique Polyhydroxy, gluconolactone, providing all the anti-aging benefits of an Alpha Hydroxy in addition to intense moisturization and antioxidant properties while camouflaging the imperfection. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Permatan (Dermask)
    The lotion PERMATAN ® DHA8-DERMASK ® applies directly to the skin with a cotton bud in several so necessary applications until obtaining of the deliberate color. The application by means of an Ecospray or Dryspray gets a regular suntan.
  • Dermacia Vitiligo Cream
    Recommended by doctor’s and demanded by celebrities, Dermacia Breathable Foundation has found a permanent home in the kits of Hollywood’s leading makeup artists for one reason: Dermacia’s breathable, gel-based formula smoothes on beautifully to give you that flawless, glowing complexion you’ve always wanted without compromising the health of your skin. Developed under the guidance of trained physicians, Dermacia was previously available only through licensed dermatologists and estheticians. And until now, Dermacia has remained a guarded beauty secret of Hollywood’s leading makeup artists. Now YOU can experience the magical effects of Dermacia.
  • Delasco Dy-O-Derm
    Apply to the affected skin areas with a cotton swab each day after bathing until the desired degree of stain is attained. Once the desired color is acheived, a single daily application every 4th to 7th day should be sufficient.
  • Dermablend (Vichy)
    For complete, natural-looking coverage, nothing compares to Dermablend’s Cover Creme. Recommended by dermatologists, endorsed by Hollywood actors, models and make-up artists, this remarkable product easily conceals any facial imperfection, such as Vitiligo.
  • DermaColor
    The intermix able skin tones allow a natural appearance when applied as directed. With proper use of the DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM skin abnormalities in both color and texture can be easily corrected, resulting in both weatherproof and long-lasting effects. With the most advanced Camouflage System the stress and psychological factors arising from such skin problems are lessened and the user will feel greater confidence. The program is effective for men, women and children. Toxic or allergic reaction have never been observed with DERMACOLOR CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM.
  • Herbal, Dermatint
    DermaTint™ is a herbal remedy for re-pigmentation in Vitiligo. It is the most effective herbal remedy for this purpose with a reorder rate of above 45%*. The remedy has helped thousands of people with varying racial and ethnic bacgrounds in attaining their normal complexion.
  • Drula pigment creme
    A vitiligo treatment cream, which helps to moderate the contrast between light and dark skin. With colored pigment and self-tanning ingredients providing treatment for vitiligos and with new active substance complex of a coated pigment and the self-tanners Erythrulose and Dihydroxyaceton (DHA)
  • Recouleur camouflage spray
    Easily conceal your vitiligo with camouflage spray. Four colors available in full or travel size. Travel size cans are called Air Silk. It’s the same great product with its own special name!
  • Sacha Camouflage Foundation
    Men and women who have vitiligo on their face or body can conceal it with a maximum coverage concealer. Our Kamaflage Cover Cream is the ideal concealer for vitiligo. It has amazing coverage and is water and smudge resistant. Best of all, Kamaflage is very natural looking. For the first time people with vitiligo can wear a maximum coverage concealer that perfectly match their skin color. Kamaflage comes in 12 yellow-based shades so that you are guaranteed to find the tone that’s just right for you.
  • Sunspa Tan-in-a-can
    The worlds first ‘no-blend’ sunless tanning aerosol. This unique aerosol replicates the fine mist achieved by an airbrush, which means no blending is required. With just a few sweeps, Tan-in-a-Can®gives you the same perfect results as a professionally applied airbrush tan.
  • VitiGone
    VitiGone acts as a stain or dye cosmetic for the areas of the skin affected by vitiligo. It is easily applied with the brush attached to the cap of the VitiGone bottle, and unlike Vitadye and other dyes, VitiGone does not possess a “medical” scent and dries to skin tone rather than leaving the skin looking yellow.
  • EBAY
    Vitiligo narrowband UVB medical lamp
  • Dermalight80 UV lamp for psoriasis and vitiligo
    The dermalight80 (sometimes mistaken for the Handisol in the USA) is the original and highest quality hand held UV phototherapy device; it is also the most economical and manufactured to the highest medical standards – anything else is a compromise. The dermalight80 is a compact and versatile UV home phototherapy unit. The Dermalight80 is supplied as standard with UVB-Narrow Band 311nm bulbs but is also available with either UVA or UVB.


  • Albarakka / Schwarzkümmelöl
    Der Albarakka Samen mit hoher Konzentration von therapeutischen Wirkstoffen wird in erster Linie in Südägypten geerntet und unter Verwendung von einfachsten Hilfsmitteln langsam gepresst. Dadurch kann auch keine metallbedingte Oxydation entstehen.
  • Bio Quant – BQNT601
    BQNT 601 is a natural product with potential indication for Vitiligo. Vitiligo affects 1 to 2% of people worldwide. Approximately 2 to 5 million people are affected in the US. BQN T601 preclinical studies suggest that addition of BQNT 601 to skin resulted in coloration of epidermis after 48 hours.
  • Davita
    DAVITA®, één van de leidende fabrikanten van lichttherapieapparaten in Europa, biedt een breed spectrum van lichttherapieapparaten voor het gebruik in de kliniek, praktijk en thuis en toebehoren voor de effectieve behandeling van huidaandoeningen aan.
  • Dermabest
    DermaBest® Novitil® is an advanced skin preparation for use in cases of loss of skin pigmentation , from less severe light spots to complete skin discoloration (achromias). It is also used in processes that require a deeper tan. Vitiligo is a relatively frequent cause of skin depigmentation. Novitil is completely safe; it is non-allergenic and causes no skin irritation.
  • Elicina cream
    I suffer from vitiligo round my eyes and round my chin. the cream i use is excelent and cleared it up in roughly 3 – 4 months.
  • Elicina cream (Deutsch)
    ElicinaT gibt Menschen mit Hautproblemen wieder Hoffnung. Die heilende Wirkung des Sekrets war die zufällige Entdeckung einer Familie chilenischer Naturschützer. Um die Schnecke vor dem Aussterben zu schützen, gründete die Familie Bascunan 1980 eine Schneckenfarm. Nach kurzer Zeit stellten die Menschen auf der Farm fest, dass ihre Hände beim täglichen Kontakt mit den Schnecken glatter und geschmeidiger wurden. Kleine Wunden heilten schneller als gewöhnlich. Narben, Warzen und andere Hautprobleme verschwanden völlig.
  • Elidel creme
    Many people with mild or moderate eczema (this represents the majority of people suffering from eczema) are treated with a variety of medications. But when you and your doctor find that other treatments aren’t right for you, your doctor may prescribe steroid-free ELIDEL® (pimecrolimus) Cream 1%.
  • Ginkgo Biloba
    Clinical studies support the use of Ginkgo Biloba extracts for: mild to moderate dementia, memory deficits, disturbances in concentration, depressive emotional condition, and tinnitus associated with impaired cerebral vascular circulation; Peripheral arterial disease and intermittent claudication; Improvement of pain-free walking distance; Inflammatory conditions and platelet aggregation; Macular degeneration; Asthma and bronchoconstriction; Vertigo and tinnitus of vascular and involutional origin;
  • Dr. Thomas Matchurat
  • Herbal Roots
    Unlike other products for white skin patches or vitiligo, this is not a fancy cream or lotion. Our product for white skin patches is an ancient Ayurveda method of natural treatment, remedy and cure. It is a 100% natural herbal blend of rare, expensive medicinal plants and essential oils specifically meant for the treatment and removal of white skin patches and retaining loss of pigmentation. There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives. The product is in the form of a powder and has to be mixed with aloe vera gel or cucumber gel to prepare a paste before application. Product comes with gel.
  • Kalawalla
    Polypodium leucotomos 50:1 standardized extract taken as a food supplement has been successfully used by many Vitiligo patients. Vitiligo is characterize by skin depigmentation and is commonly associated with the immune system. KALAWALLA can help regulate the immune system bringing it to its healthiest, strongest, balanced levels. Repigmentation results can be seen within the first month of taking the product.
  • Leucotin
    Welcome to the official website of Leucotin: The amazing 100% guaranteed treatment for Vitiligo that is bound to leave you amazed! No matter how long you have suffered from Vitiligo we assure you that with use of Leuctin you will regain your skin pigmentation faster than any other solution currently available.
  • Melgain
    Hyderabad based Issar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has developed a peptide-based lotion — Melgain —- for the treatment of Vitiligo. Melgain, patented in the United States, Australia and India, awaiting patent approval in European countries, has no side effects and contra-indications, claims the company. The product had successfully undergone phase I, II and III clinical trials in India, and got the approval for commercialisation of the product from the Drug Controller General of India, in 2001.
  • Natrum Muriaticum
    Natrum Muriaticum is an interesting example of homeopathic medicine prepared from a common food substance, the common salt, sodium chloride. As a rule, the common salt undergoes a special procedure called potentization, whereby its inner healing power is activated to make it available for healing.
    Constitutionally, this medicine has a broad spectrum of action, and is useful for a wide range of disease processes affecting the skin, gastrointestinal organs, nose, lungs, kidney, metabolism, muscles, head, hormonal system, etc. It is one of the commonly used remedies for hairloss, fissures, urticaria, migraine, eczema, lichen planus, vitiligo, asthma, etc.
    • Phlogenzym erfahrung (German) Den Erfolg kann ich nur bestätigen. Nehme seit meinem Aufenthalt in Leutenberg (Februar/März) diesen Jahres täglich 3 x 2 Tabletten. Sind aber nicht ganz billig und werden von der Krankenhkasse nicht übernommen. Bereits nach einer Einnahmedauer von nur 3 Wochen gings bei mir mit der Repigmentierung richtig los. Mein Gesicht war innerhalb von 4 Wochen vollständig repigmentiert. Allerdings habe ich auch weiterhin mit UVB 311 nm bestrahlt und tue dieses auch heute noch.
  • Sorig Anti Vitiligo Balsem
    NSTG : Nederlandse Stichting ter bevordering van de Tibetaanse Geneeskunde

    Sorig Anti-Vitiligo Balsem
    Ingrediënten: Extracten van kruiden uit de Himalaya zoals Zonnebloem- olie, Mosterd-olie, Curcuma longa, Embelia ribes, Iris sp., Butea monosperma, Asparagus racemocus, Brassica compastris, Zinger officinale en Lavendel-olie
    Gebruik: De anti-bacteriële Mosterd-olie en Curcuma longa zorgen voor reiniging van de vitiligo-plekken en het herkrijgen van de natuurlijke huidkleur. Ook stimuleert het de bloedcirculatie. Het werkt goed in de behandeling van vitiligo, leukoderma en psoriasis.
  • Phenylalanine
    Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid, which means that it is essential to human health but cannot be manufactured by the body. Evidence suggests that combining L-phenylalanine (oral and topical) with UVA radiation for people with vitiligo (a condition characterized by irregular depigmentation or white patches of skin) may lead to some darkening or repigmentation of the whitened areas, particularly on the face.
  • Pigmentum
    One of the leading secrets of the PigmentumTM regimen’s success is its recognition, based upon some of the latest research, of the difference between pigmentation patterns of Caucasian (white) and Non Caucasian skin types. Consequently, for achieving optimal results two separate regimens needed to be formulated for the two skin types.
  • Protopic (contains : tacrolimus / TAC)
  • Pseudocatalase For Vitiligo
    Pseudocatalase has recently become a drug of interest for patients suffering from vitiligo. With the recent discovery of the role elevated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels combined with low catalase activity play in the skin of patients afflicted by vitiligo, a new treatment involving a topical cream consisting of pseudocatalase and calcium was developed.
  • Recouleur vitamins
    Recouleur® vitamins are specially formulated to include Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. Clinical research shows that most people with vitiligo have abnormally low levels of these vitamins. Recouleur® combines these plus other key minerals into one tablet. It takes the guess work out of dosing. Altogether these strategic nutrients are necessary for pigment production. Working from the inside out, Recouleur® supports the body by filling in deficiencies and may promote repigmentation.
  • Viticare
    Viticare is a product of Natural Remedies International. It comes as a liquid and is applied topically for rapid treatment of Vitiligo (Leucoderma). Viticare is based on the Ayurvedic system of natural medicine and its formulation consists of several herbal extracts blended together in a specific proportion to treat Vitiligo effectively. Treatment with Viticare is easy and the re-pigmentation results achieved are not only rapid but also permanent. The treatment is absolutely side effect free and does not require any lifestyle or dietary changes. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our unique and exclusive Vitiligo treatment Viticare.
  • Vitiligo seite der Praxis Dr. Thomas Matschurat
    In unserer Praxis unternehmen wir den Versuch, mit Stoffen, die in ihrem Nebenwirkungspotential gleich Null sind oder gegen Null tendieren, möglichst allen in Frage kommenden Ursachen der Vitiligo entgegenzuwirken, um zu einem einheitlichen Behandlungsschema zu kommen, das für alle Vitiligopatienten, gleich welcher „Vitiligo-Ursache“ wirksam sein kann. Product : AOX Creme.
  • Vitilax
    Skin disorder is a sign that your inner body system is unbalanced. Merry Clinic?s Vitilax herbal formula is specially designed by Doctor Li to treat different stages of vitiligo. It contains fourteen different Chinese herbs. They act together to balance your immune system and stimulate the repigmentation of the skin.
  • Vitilem
    The general Customer for Vitilim+ preparation iz the Czech SETEL Company S.R.O . Vitilem+ is the preparation which is produced in the Czech Republic for the treatment of Vitiligo and Psoriasis diseases. Vitilem+ strenghtens the immune system of a human organism as well as improves its general condition and helps to resist catharrhal diseases. All ingredients are at 100% natural product. Tablets are packed into light-proof pharma-medical doses, sealed and have upon the upper lid the code of the producer and the date of validity.
  • Vitiligo TAB
    Vitiligo Tab is a  completely guaranteed and clinically proven herbal treatment for Vitiligo. It consists of a formulation consisting of purely natural ingredients blended together in a specific proportion to fight and cure Vitiligo permanently.
  • Vitiligo TCM
    Consisting of the best ingredients traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has to offer, we present to you Vitiligo TCM; Chinese herbal capsules to treat Vitiligo.
    UV phototherapy lamps for vitiligo have for many decades been recognized widely as a relatively safe medical treatment. It is free from the common and sometimes dangerous side effects of many of the drugs in common use today. If used properly there are almost no side effects. It is not a gimmick or passing “new age” therapy. It has been scientifically proven time and time again. Most orders are processed same day for immediate express world wide delivery and in many cases private health insurance will cover part or all of the cost of your purchase.
  • Vitilvenz (VitiligoVenezuela)Discussion on the vitiligo forum.
  • Vitilvenz
    Original link to the site of vitilvenz in Venezuela
  • Vitises gel -Die letzte Neuerung in der Behandlung von Vitiligo
    Der Verlust von Melanin in den Melanozyten ist der wesentliche Faktor der Symptome des vitiligo. Vitises® ist eine innovative Behandlung für die Patienten die an vitiligo leiden. Es hat die Form eines örtlich wirkendes Gels, das Mikrokugeln eines festen pflanzlichen Fettes enthält, welche die Enzyme Superoxiddismutase (SOD) und Katalase enthalten. Da es Antioxidantien (Substanzen die vor Zelltod schützen) enthält, reaktiviert Vitises® die Melaninspeicher die in jedem Talgdrüsenfollikel der Haut gebildet werden, und entsprechend die Regpigmentation der weißen Flecken. Dies kann schnell in Form von kleinen runden Flecken beobachtet werden, oder auch flächig indem die Melanozyten nicht mehr völlig verschwinden.
  • Vitivera
    Die Creme beseht laut der anbietenden Person aus Aloe Vera + Apfelpektin und soll vor einer Bestrahlung angewendet werden. Im englischsprachigen Forum wurde erwähnt, dass die Kombination evtl. die Sonnenempfindlichkeit herabsetzt und somit in Kombination mit Bestrahlung eine ähnliche Wirkung wie PUVA erzielt.
  • Vitix gel
    ViTiX gel or creme is a revolutionary new product for patients with Vitiligo, under the form of a gel containing microspheres of frozen fat which enclose the SOD and catalase enzymes that penetrate the skin with Vitiligo. Because it contains antioxidants (substances that protect the cell from death) ViTiX acts making reappear the reservoir of melanin contained in every pilous follicle of the skin with Vitiligo, and, as a result, the repigmentation of the white skin can be seen in a short time in the form of freckles, or uniformly tone-to-tone when the melanocytes aren?t totally dead.